A New Era of Fitness

London’s gym scene is experiencing a resurgence that is set to reshape the city’s fitness landscape. With new gym openings happening across the city, now is the perfect time to consider updating your fitness regimen. Here’s a roundup of the most anticipated gym openings happening in London.

The Hive Gym

Known for its high-tech approach to fitness, The Hive Gym is equipped with the latest workout machines and fitness technologies for a modern and efficient workout experience. Get ready to break a sweat in this state-of-the-art gym that is opening soon in Spitalfields.

Grace Belgravia

A female-centric gym, Grace Belgravia provides a safe space for women to workout, relax, and rejuvenate. Apart from a fully-equipped gym space, it also features an array of complementary facilities like a spa, a wellness clinic, and a healthy café.


Bringing a fresh and dynamic gym experience, Gymbox is set to open in Canary Wharf. Known for their lively ambience, Gymbox features live DJs during sessions, a variety of workout classes, and a vibrant gym-disco theme.


London’s fitness scene is booming with the arrival of these new gym spaces. Whether you’re seeking a traditional workout experience, a lively energetic vibe, or a space catering specifically for women, there is a new gym in London ready to accommodate your fitness needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When are these gyms expected to open?

A: Most of these gyms are set to open within the upcoming year. It’s best to check their respective websites to get the most accurate information.

Q: Are all of these gyms in central London?

A: While many of these gyms are in central London, a few are located in other parts of London, providing varied options for those living in different areas of the city.

Q: Do these gyms offer trials or initial offers?

A: Most gyms provide an initial offer for first-time members. Some even offer a trial period. However, it varies between gyms and it’s recommended to check directly with the gym for more information.

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