Gymboree Chicago, founded on the principle of learning through play, has mastered the art of making learning a fun experience for children. Through their innovative curriculum and teaching methods, the learning center provides its young learners with a nurturing and stimulating environment to boost their emotional, social, and cognitive development.

Enhancing the Learning Journey through Play & Learn Classes

Gymboree’s Play & Learn classes are designed to foster cognitive, physical and social skills in children aged new-born to five years. These classes provide a platform for children to interact with others of the same age group and engage in different educational activities, promoting active learning and problem-solving abilities.

Musical Learning: Boosting Expressive Skills and Musicality

Music plays an integral role in Gymboree’s curriculum. Their Music classes introduce children to a variety of musical styles, encouraging them to express themselves through movement and instrument play. This not only enhances their listening skills but also fosters creativity and coordination.

Art Classes: Encouraging Creativity and Imagination

Gymboree Chicago goes a step beyond academic learning by incorporating Art classes into its curriculum. These classes enable children to explore their creativity through different media like paint, clay, and paper. By participating in these classes, children learn to express their ideas, enhancing their imaginative and creative skills.

The Role of Parents in Learning

Gymboree encourages parental involvement in the learning process. It offers Parent-Child classes designed to strengthen the bond between parent and child while also fostering the child’s learning and development. Parents learn effective strategies to support their child’s growth at home, ensuring a continuous learning journey beyond Gymboree’s walls.


Gymboree Chicago embodies the essence of learning through play. Its innovative methods pave the way for young kids to explore, create, listen, and move, building a foundation of knowledge that prepares them for a successful educational journey. By offering a fun, engaging, and nurturing environment, Gymboree ensures that learning is an enjoyable journey for every child.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Gymboree’s teaching philosophy?

Gymboree believes in learning through play. It aims to provide opportunities for holistic development, enhancing emotional, social, cognitive, and physical skills.

What classes does Gymboree Chicago offer?

Gymboree Chicago offers Play & Learn, Music, and Art classes. They also have Parent-Child classes to foster bonding and enhance the child’s developmental process.

What are the benefits of Gymboree’s Music and Art classes?

Music and Art classes at Gymboree stimulate creativity, coordination, and listening skills. They provide an avenue for children to express themselves and develop their imaginative skills.

Does Gymboree encourage parental involvement?

Yes, Gymboree encourages parental involvement. Parents can participate in Parent-Child classes to strengthen their bond with their child while also learning strategies to support their child’s development at home.



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