Ben Francis is a name that is widely recognized in the fitness industry, particularly for his entrepreneurial triumph with Gymshark. Born in 1992 in Birmingham, UK, Francis started Gymshark, a fitness apparel and accessories brand, in his teen years when he had an intense passion for fitness and design.

Turning Passion into Success

Mixing his extensive knowledge of the two fields, Francis transformed his passion into a career by creating Gymshark in 2012. Today, it is a multi-million-dollar company and one of the fastest-growing fitness brands in the world. Employing social media strategies and a keen sense of the market, he was able to grow the brand in a relatively short period.

Establishment in the US

Gymshark expanded its operations to the United States, opening its first US office in Denver, Colorado. The US saw the immense potential in the Gymshark brand, with its cutting-edge clothing designs and affordable pricing. Furthermore, its collaborations with influential fitness personalities broadened its reach and greatly contributed to its success overseas.

Ben Francis Today

Despite his success, Francis remains an integral part of the company, ensuring that it continually inspires and resonates with its customers. His vision continues to guide Gymshark’s path, adhering to its mission to unite the conditioning community and create innovative performance wear.


Ben Francis and Gymshark’s story is truly inspirational. Starting from humble beginnings, it is now a household name around the world. Today, it continues to thrive under Francis’s leadership, remaining a testament to his vision, passion, and determination.


When was Gymshark established?

Gymshark was established in 2012.

Who is the founder of Gymshark?

Ben Francis is the founder of Gymshark.

Where is Gymshark’s US office located?

Gymshark’s US office is located in Denver, Colorado.



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