Luxury amenities are standard in London’s top-tier hotels, but for fitness enthusiasts, a simple in-room yoga mat won’t cut it. In recent years, elite hospitality brands have upped the ante, transforming fitness from an afterthought to a main attraction. But with so many high-end hotel gyms to choose from, how can discerning travellers pick the best?

What Makes a Great Luxury Hotel Gym?

Firstly, space and equipment matter. Top hotel gyms feature a wide range of high-performance equipment, from Technogym treadmills to Peloton bikes, and ample space for both cardio and resistance training. But what truly sets the best hotel gyms apart is the bespoke fitness experience they offer, with customised personal training and wellness programs.

Muscling-In on London’s Luxurious Hotel Gyms

London’s luxury hotel fitness scene excels in this regard. The Bulgari Hotel’s Workshop gym boasts a team of elite trainers and a methodical approach to fitness that includes DNA testing and body composition analysis.

Meanwhile, The Lanesborough Club & Spa, another bastion of fitness luxury, impresses guests with its expansive hydrotherapy pool and exclusive collaboration with Bodyism, the wellness company favoured by Hollywood royalty.

At Claridge’s Hotel, guests can work up a sweat in the high-tech gym before retreating to the roofted garden for yoga or meditation sessions.

Navigating London’s hotel gym scene can be as exhilarating as a high-intensity workout. Yet no matter what catches your fitness fancy, London’s luxury hotels deliver, turning the chore of staying fit on the road into an enviable pleasure.


Do all luxury hotels in London have a gym?

Most luxury hotels in London do have gyms, although the size, equipment, and additional amenities can vary widely.

What other wellness facilities do luxury hotels in London offer?

Many luxury hotels in London offer comprehensive wellness packages that could include a spa, a sauna, a steam room, a swimming pool, and personal training services.

Can non-guests use the gym at luxury hotels in London?

Some luxury hotels in London do allow non-guests to use the gym often for a fee and provided that they book in advance.

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