We all have heard about mainstream sports and the gyms where you can train for them. But what about those intriguing niche sports? Luckily, London, as a diverse and global city, is home to a wide range of niche sports gyms. Here are some of them that are worth checking out.

Climbing Gyms

The Castle, located in Green Lanes, is an impressive climbing centre offering climbing surfaces for beginners to experienced climbers. It offers bouldering, top rope and lead climbing in an astounding environment modelled with an old Victorian era building.

Parkour Gyms

London’s Chainstore Gym and Parkour Academy is a comprehensive and community-centred gym that specialises in Parkour training. It’s located in the city’s Trinity Buoy Wharf.

Aerial Fitness Gyms

Flying Fantastic is an aerial fitness gym that is breaking the confines of traditional exercise regimens. Located centrally in Union Street, it offers unique classes ranging from aerial silks, aerial yoga, aerial hoop to trapeze.

Pole Fitness

Pole dancing is the new fitness trend and London has the right place for it. The London Dance Academy, situated in Old Street, provides not only pole fitness classes but also other unusual fitness workouts like anti-gravity yoga and aerial hoop.

Luckily, London offers a myriad of niche sports gyms for those looking for something a little different than the regular gym. They provide an opportunity to learn new skills, meet like-minded people and most importantly, have fun while exercising.

What is a niche sports gym?

A niche sports gym is a fitness center that offers facilities and training for less conventional sports. These include climbing, aerial sports, Parkour, and pole fitness, among others.

Where can I find climbing gyms in London?

Climbing gyms like The Castle are located in various parts of London, including Green Lanes.

Are there any unusual fitness classes in London?

Yes, gym’s like London Dance Academy offers unusual fitness classes like anti-gravity yoga, pole fitness and aerial hoop.

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