First established on a mother’s kitchen floor in 1976, Gymboree has seen exponential growth around the globe. With a resolve to nurture creativity and encourage uninhibited play, it’s made its mark on the American landscape, particularly in New York.

The Gymboree Philosophy

Believing that play and learning go hand in hand, Gymboree provides a space for children to explore, learn, and grow. With a variety of classes aimed at different age groups, the focus is on promoting a joy for life-long learning and development through play and fun activities.

An Enriching Training Ground for Young Minds

While many kids’ entertainment spots focus solely on play, Gymboree stands out by integrating education into its activities. Through music, art, sports, and other programs designed to foster cognitive, physical and social growth, Gymboree plants the seeds for creativity, curiosity, and confidence.

The Magic of Gymboree New York

New York is home to several Gymboree branches, each providing a stimulating environment for children and their families. Welcoming to all, these centers give kids the freedom to make friends, explore interests, build confidence, and ultimately nurture their creativity in a supportive setting.


With its unique approach centered around nurturing creativity and development through play, Gymboree New York has established itself as a vital hub for youngster’s growth. Its commitment to providing a space for children to thrive emotionally, physically, and intellectually makes it a standout choice for families in the city.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What age range is Gymboree designed for?
  • Gymboree offers programs for children aged 0-5 years.

  • What types of activities does Gymboree offer?
  • Activities include art classes, music classes, sports, school skills, and open play sessions.

  • Is Gymboree suitable for children with special needs?
  • Gymboree prides itself on being inclusive. If your child has specific needs, it’s recommended to call your local branch to discuss how they can best accommodate you.



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