The History of Women and Fitness

In the early years, gyms were predominantly male-centric spaces. Women’s fitness was confined to the home or specific ‘women’s classes’ teaching choreographed dances and routine stretches.

The Equality Shift

As women fought for equal rights in all spheres of life, they craved the same from fitness. Women started breaking into gyms which were considered male-dominated. The ’80s saw the rise of female bodybuilding competitions. Women were feeling empowered and inspired to take control of their physical health.

The Rise of the Female Fitness Industry

With this newfound enthusiasm, the female fitness industry started to grow. Women’s gyms and fitness studios emerged that were entirely female-friendly. Female-specific workouts and training programs started to rise. The fitness industry became a pioneer in female empowerment and body positivity.

Women Fitness Today

Today, women of all ages, shapes, and sizes are welcomed into gyms. Fitness is no longer about a specific body image but overall health and wellness. Women are encouraged to lift heavier, run faster and push their physical and mental boundaries.


While the journey of women in fitness has been one of struggle and conquest, the scenario today looks promising. The fitness industry sees women as a vital element, and the growth in this field has been phenomenal.


Is the gym environment now more inclusive for women?

Yes, gyms today are more inclusive for women, providing safe and comfortable spaces for all to pursue their health and fitness goals.

Are there female-centric training programs?

Yes, there are many training programs designed specifically for women, taking into account their body structure and physiology.



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