As a new parent in New Jersey, finding the perfect place for my child to learn and play was a top priority. That’s when I found Gymboree, a place that offers a blend of education and entertainment that has been far beyond my expectations. Gymboree, proudly boasting several branches across America, stood out among local kindergartens and play centers due to its child-centered, play-based approach to early learning.

Unlike traditional kindergartens, Gymboree offers an environment that encourages children to learn through play. The play area is brightly colored with soft play equipment, puzzles, and toys that not only entertain but also stimulate a child’s mind and encourage their creativity. It’s designed to give children a wealth of opportunities to play, explore, and learn at their own pace.

A unique thing about Gymboree is their structured play sessions. Each session combines several activities that help nurture a variety of skills. From arts and crafts to music and movement, each activity stimulates a different area of child development. The experienced staff members guide each child individually, understanding their specific interests, and using these to direct their learning.

As a parent, it’s heartening to see my child excited to go to Gymboree. Seeing my child play, learn, and grow in a safe, nurturing environment has assured me that Gymboree was the right choice. Whether it’s the joy of seeing her make new friends or the pride in completing a puzzle by herself, every day is a day of achievement at Gymboree.

What age range does Gymboree cater to?

Gymboree caters to children from newborn to five years old.

How are the activities structured at Gymboree?

Activities at Gymboree are structured around play-based learning. Each activity is designed to stimulate a different area of a child’s development.

How can I find a Gymboree near me?

You can find your local Gymboree branch using the ‘Find a Location’ option on the Gymboree website.



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