The Importance of Physical Activities for Kids

Every child needs a space where they can exert their energy in a clean, safe and stimulating environment – and that’s where Gymboree Chicago comes in. Physical activity not only helps children develop strong bones and muscles but also fosters their cognitive development. It boosts their self-esteem, improves their concentration, and provides a perfect opportunity to learn important social skills.

A Unique Approach to Early Childhood Development

Gymboree Chicago uses play-based activities to foster learning in children as young as newborns. Play is crucial for your child’s social, emotional, physical, and cognitive growth. It’s your child’s way of learning about his body and the world. Gymboree offers a unique approach to the early childhood development process by integrating play, music, and art in their well structured curriculum.

High-Quality Facilities and Staff

The facilities at Gymboree Chicago are designed with safety and comfort of children in mind. The staff undergo rigorous training to ensure they can provide the highest quality care and education for your child. Gymboree’s staff is skilled at fostering the growth and development of children, making it an excellent start to your child’s educational journey.

Creativity and Expression through Art and Music

Art and music are integral parts of the Gymboree curriculum. Through innovative play-based activities integrating art and music, your child will not only get to enjoy some fun and engaging sessions, but also improve their motor skills, foster creativity, and acquire a greater appreciation for the world around them.


Enrolling your child in Gymboree Chicago presents an opportunity for them to develop vital social, cognitive, and motor skills in an environment tailored to their needs. The unique approach of integrating play, art, and music into the learning process, backed by a skilled and trained staff, makes it one of the best preschool activities your child could engage in.


What is the starting age for kids at Gymboree Chicago?

Kids can start the program at Gymboree as young as newborns.
What is the teaching methodology used at Gymboree Chicago?

Gymboree Chicago uses a unique play-based approach to help kids learn and develop vital physical, cognitive and social skills.
How is the hygiene and safety ensured at Gymboree Chicago?

Gymboree Chicago prioritizes the safety and hygiene of the children. The facilities are clean and designed with children’s safety in mind.



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