The Sublime World of Underwater Exercise

To step away from the ruckus of everyday city life, Londoners have discovered an oasis of tranquillity – swimming pools and aquatic gyms. But these are not just regular pools; they represent the epitome of progressive fitness culture, integrating high-class facilities, invigorating training programs and relaxing amenities all in one place. Let’s take you through some of London’s best options, after all, what can be more refreshing than the sound of water?

Royal Treatment at the London Aquatics Centre

The Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park is home to the spectacular London Aquatics Centre. The centre was built with one particular mission in mind to provide premier sports facilities for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Due to its size and state-of-the-art facilities, it is quite often referred to as ‘a cathedral of water sports’. It is also quite versatile, hosting aquatic fitness classes, lane swimming, and family splash sessions. With two 50m Olympic sized swimming pools and a 25m diving pool, the London Aquatics Centre truly possesses a royal demeanour.

Historic Charm at the Marshall Street Baths

For city dwellers craving a time-transcendent experience, the Marshall Street Baths offers an enticing blend of historic charm and modern facilities. This Grade II listed pool, built in the 1930s, was meticulously restored in 2010, retaining its original white Sicilian marble lined pool and a stunning barrel-vaulted ceiling. This 30.5m pool, located right in the heart of Soho, offers an array of fitness classes including aqua fit, pilates and yoga, alongside regular swimming sessions.

The Oasis in the City: Oasis Sports Centre

Oasis Sports Centre, near Covent Garden, is well known for its convenient location and unique open-air heated swimming pool. Yes, you heard it right! Despite London’s unpredictable weather, you can enjoy outdoor swimming all year round here! On top of this, they also offer a wide variety of aquatic fitness programs utilizing their 27.5m indoor pool, including aqua zumba and aqua jog.

The Getaway: Virgin Active Canary Riverside

Nestled in Canary Wharf, Virgin Active Canary Riverside stands as the perfect urban getaway. It offers a splendid 20m heated swimming pool overlooking the Thames River, providing a stunning backdrop to your fitness journey. Here, you can not only indulge in leisure swimming but also participate in swimming lessons, aqua aerobics and other classes to satisfy all your fitness cravings.


These swimming pools and aquatic gyms are indeed the best in London, both in terms of their architectural grandeur and the quality of services they offer. Whether you’re searching for a quick refreshing dip, a vigorous aquatic workout or a tranquil swim beneath the sky, London’s aquatic fitness scene have something to offer for everyone.


  • Q: Do you need to be a member to access the swimming pools and aquatic gyms in London?

    • A: Not always, while some sites require a membership for unlimited access, many offer pay-as-you-go options as well.

  • Q: Are swimming lessons available at these pools?

    • A: Yes, many pools in London offer swimming lessons for different age groups and skill levels.

  • Q: Are the pools open throughout the year?

    • A: Most indoor pools are open all year round while a few outdoor pools remain heated and open even during winters.



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