Living in London and aspire to stay fit in style? Religiously going to the gym is the best way to achieve this life goal. This post will touch the subject of the best equipped gyms in London to perform the physical activity of choice. Workouts are more efficient when you have access to modern, high-quality training equipment. Here are the top gyms you should consider.

Equinox Kensington

Located in Kensington, one of London’s most prestigious areas, Equinox offers a luxurious fitness experience equipped with versatile Workout equipment, a pilates studio, a cycling studio, and a spa.

Third Space, City

Third Space gym city branch provides services as a rock climbing wall, gym floor training, personal training, spa, and natural food cafe to its members. This place quite literally has everything.

Barry’s Bootcamp

Known globally for its cardio & strength workouts, this brand’s London branches maintain its reputation. The high-intensity interval workout here will leave you sweating and feeling accomplished.

The Library

This boutique gym located in Notting Hill has a unique approach to fitness. The Library belies the “less is more” ethos, offering only 15 specialized workout machines aiming for quality, not quantity.


In this post, we’ve journeyed through some of London’s finest gyms. Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast or a beginner, these gyms provide high-quality equipment and excellent staff to help you achieve your fitness goals.


Q1: Which gym has the best equipment?

A: All of the gyms listed use high-quality equipment, but the choice for ‘best’ would depend on an individual’s personal preference.

Q2: Are these gyms beginner-friendly?

A: Yes, these gyms offer a range of services that cater to both beginners and fitness enthusiasts.

Q3: Do these gyms offer personal trainers?

A: Yes, all these gyms offer personal trainers to their members.

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