London is bursting with spin studios, but which ones truly stand out from the crowd? We’ve delved into numerous reviews, analyzed various class styles, and tried numerous workouts to bring you a list of the best spin studios that the city has to offer.

Psycle London

Psycle offers a high-energy fitness experience. With its disco lights and pumping music tracks, the studio gives you all the motivation you need to keep going.

Boom Cycle

They believe that your workouts should be both fun and effective. Boom Cycle’s immersive classes are designed to help you disengage from the stress of daily life.


1Rebel stands out with its nightclub-like setting. The studio offers a variety of classes that focus on different parts of the body.


Heartcore positions itself as a lifestyle rather than just a spin studio. Their classes incorporate pilates and yoga to deliver a holistic workout experience.

Digme Fitness

Digme takes spinning to the next level by incorporating stats and metrics into their sessions. This data-driven approach is perfect for competitive individuals wanting to track their progress.

Whether you’re new to spin or a seasoned rider, London’s spin studios offer something for everyone. These studios have created incredible spaces for their riders to disconnect from the world and sweat it out in style.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a spin class typically cost?

The cost varies between studios and packages, but a single class typically ranges between £20-£30.
What should I wear to a spin class?

Comfortable workout attire, including a good sports bra and padded cycling shorts, can make the experience more enjoyable. Most studios offer clip-in cycling shoes to rent.
How often should I take a spin class?

For optimum results, aim for at least 3 spin sessions per week.



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