Catering for children aged six months to five years, Gymboree Play & Music centers in Chicago provide a uniquely designed, developmentally appropriate environment where kids can learn, play, and grow. This global franchise has revolutionized the early learning playground, employing a distinctive and dynamic approach to child education and growth.

Setting Gymboree apart from typical play centers is their philosophy centered around the belief that individual development and growth occur when given an environment rich with challenges and opportunities. They focus on fostering this through creativity, confidence, and friendship amongst their attendees.

Gymboree’s activities involve much more than simple play. They use play as a tool to assist in developing physical, cognitive, and social skills. Their activities, designed by experts in the field of early childhood development, focus on involving children and parents and leveraging the power of play.

Gymboree has deep roots in its Chicago communities. They’ve established excellent relationships with local businesses and frequently hold classes and events at various community centers. This approach has helped them create a broader impact and more comprehensive support within the local population.

With its unique philosophy and approach, Gymboree in Chicago is redefining the landscape of early childhood growth and development. Using play and exploration to foster growth and development, Gymboree’s centers are far more than ‘just another play center.’ They make an essential contribution to the social fabric of Chicago, one child at a time.


What age range does Gymboree cater for?

Gymboree caters to kids aged between six months to five years.

What makes Gymboree’s approach unique?

In addition to providing a play environment, Gymboree focuses on developing physical, cognitive, and social skills in children through play. They also foster community connections and involvement.



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