When it comes to fitness and staying active, variety is the spice of life. No more mundane treadmills or generic weightlifting regimes. London’s fitness scene has a vast and vibrant tapestry of multi-disciplinary gyms that offer a diverse range of routines, activities and classes to keep you engaged, and motivated.

Finding Your Favourite Fitness Flavour

Every gym-goer is unique with different abilities, preferences, and goals. Some of us like the zen-like calm of yoga, while others prefer the high-energy intensity of a CrossFit session. To incorporate this diversity, London now houses a plethora of multi-disciplinary gyms offering an array of activities all under one roof. Here are a few top picks that deliver the best mix of workout varieties:

1. Third Space

A luxury gym offering an all-inclusive membership featuring a spaciou gym floor, functional training area, climbing wall, spinning studio, swimming pool, spa, and semi-private training hub. The highlight though, is their multi-disciplinary suite, which combines elements from boxing to pilates, ensuring a captivating experience every visit.

2. Another_Space

A trendy boutique gym located in Covent Garden, Another_Space provides a balanced mix of yoga, HIIT, indoor cycling, boxing and more, enabling members to change up their routine for an invigorating workout experience.

3. Equinox

A high-end gym from the US, Equinox brings a holistic selection of fitness regimens. Their Kensington branch is notable for its “The Pursuit” group cycling class, yoga and pilates studios, boxing studio, a precision running track and a sprawling fitness area with high-end equipment.

Streamlining Your Fitness Regiment

A multi-disciplinary gym can bring a breath of fresh air to your fitness journey. You get to try out different routines, and keep your workout exciting while your body benefits from a more rounded training schedule.

London’s fitness industry has evolved and expanded offering a host of multidisciplinary gyms, revolutionizing the conventional gym experience. Embrace the variety and bring home a more exciting and fulfilling fitness routine.

  1. What is a multidisciplinary gym?

    A multidisciplinary gym is a fitness facility that offers a variety of different workout programs and classes. They may include yoga, spin classes, weight training, functional fitness, aerobic classes, etc.

  2. Are there multidisciplinary gyms with memberships that allow access to multiple locations?

    Yes, many gyms, including Third Space and Equinox, listed above offer memberships that allow access to multiple locations, not just in London but across various cities.

  3. Can I try a class at a multidisciplinary gym before signing up for membership?

    Most multidisciplinary gyms offer trial classes or day passes for interested users before they commit to a full membership.



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