There’s a growing trend in the fitness industry that is reshaping the way we think about exercise and wellness. This new approach, known as natural movement fitness, draws on the principle of using functional activities and bodyweight movements that mimic natural human behaviors.

Natural Movement: A Dynamic Approach to Fitness

Natural Movement fitness is much more than just another gym workout; it’s a holistic approach encompassing strength, flexibility, coordination, and real-world practicality. It engages multiple muscle groups at once, encouraging the body to move in a way it was naturally designed to, and pays close attention to core stability, balance, and functional fitness.

The Best Natural Movement Gyms in London

As the awareness and popularity of natural movement fitness grow globally, London has not been left behind. The city is home to a number of exceptional gyms that have incorporated this dynamic approach to fitness into their training regime.

  • Chainstore Gym and Parkour Academy: The first on our list, this gym is a pioneer in the UK for natural movement and parkour training.
  • Movement for Life London: Offers tailored exercise plans to help clients regain natural movements and live a healthier lifestyle.
  • Wild Fitness: With its focus on outdoor training, the gym offers its customers the ability to train their bodies in nature.


With the growing interest in natural movement fitness, it’s reassuring to know that London hosts a range of gyms that offer this innovative approach to wellness. Whether you are looking to enhance your current fitness regime or embark on a new fitness journey, these gyms offer work-out environments that are as engaging as they are beneficial for your well-being.


What is Natural Movement fitness?
Natural Movement Fitness is a fitness discipline that focuses on functional bodyweight movements that mimic natural human behaviors.

Where can I do Natural Movement fitness in London?
You can do Natural Movement fitness in various gyms such as Chainstore Gym and Parkour Academy, Movement for Life London, and Wild Fitness.

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