Why Choose A Gym with A Yoga Centre?

Finding a gym that compliments your lifestyle can be a challenge, but what if you could find one that not only allows you to pump iron but also helps you find your inner peace? London has a wide variety of gyms with dedicated yoga centres, offering fitness enthusiasts the perfect balance between active workouts and serene yoga sessions. Not only does yoga enhance physical fitness, but it also fosters mental well-being, making you completely fit.

Top Gyms with Yoga Centres in London

London presents an impressive array of gyms equipped with yoga centres. Some of the notable mentions include Gymbox, boasting of a ‘yogi paradise’ with classes scheduled all through the day, and the Fitness First with yoga studios that radiate tranquillity for the ultimate relaxation experience.

Benefits of Combining Gym and Yoga

Engaging in both gym and yoga provides a comprehensive workout regimen. While gym workouts enhance physical strength, flexibility, and endurance, yoga offers improved body alignment, muscle tone, and mental clarity. This dynamic duo of gym and yoga can be a game changer in your fitness routine.

A Look at Their American Branches

Both Gymbox and Fitness First have branches spread across America, providing similar facilities as their London sites. These American branches have garnered positive reviews for their approach to balance physical workouts with yoga, rounding up an overall wellness quota.


Choosing a gym that also offers yoga facilities is an excellent option for those looking to maintain an all-round healthy lifestyle. The combination of intensive gym workouts with soothing yoga can result in physical vigor, mental peace, and overall improved quality of life. With London gyms offering such comprehensive facilities, finding your perfect fitness hub is just a step away.


Q: Why is it beneficial to choose a gym with yoga facilities?

A: Combining gym exercises with yoga gives a comprehensive workout, enhancing physical strength and mental clarity for complete fitness.

Q: Which are some top gyms with yoga centres in London?

A: Some top gyms offering yoga centres in London include Gymbox and Fitness First.

Q: Do these gyms also have branches in America?

A: Yes, both Gymbox and Fitness First have branches across America presenting similar facilities.



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