The rise of Gymshark is a testament to the appeal and demand for athleisure – a fashion trend that blends functionality, comfort, and style. The British fitness apparel brand founded by Ben Francis in 2012, initially began as a supplement company, but quickly pivoted to clothing when it noticed a gap in the market for stylish, functional fitness wear.

The Brand Philosophy

Gymshark’s core ethos is about building a community of people who believe in hard work, dedication and self-improvement. The brand focuses not only on fashion, but also on helping individuals improve their fitness journey. Their clothing is often described as innovatively designed, forming an intersection between gym wear and everyday apparel.

Athleisure – Defining a New Genre

The rise of Gymshark also corresponds with the demand for athleisure clothing. Functional clothing that can be worn outside the gym has gained popularity, with individuals looking for outfits that are comfortable yet trendy. Gymshark’s clothing line can be worn from the gym to the grocery store or even at home, illustrating the brand’s proficiency in tapping into this market trend.

Global Expansion

From its roots in the UK, Gymshark has expanded globally, with physical stores in places like London, Los Angeles, and NYC. The brand’s global success can be largely attributed to its adept use of social media, its grasp on e-commerce and a vast roster of influencer partnerships.

As a brand, Gymshark perfectly encapsulates the Athleisure trend, they are not just about selling clothes, but rather a lifestyle that focuses on fitness and wellbeing. Its rise has not only cemented its place in the fitness apparel industry but also redefined how consumers approach fitness fashion.

When was Gymshark founded?

Gymshark was founded in 2012 by Ben Francis.

What is Gymshark’s brand philosophy?

Gymshark’s brand philosophy is about building a community of individuals who believe in hard work, dedication, and self-improvement.

Does Gymshark have physical stores?

Yes, Gymshark has physical stores in cities such as London, Los Angeles, and New York City.



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