Gymboree is a global franchise offering age-specific educational programs to children aged five and under. Utilizing play-based activities, it promotes cognitive, physical and social development.

The Role of Gymboree in London

London, a city bustling with diverse cultures, Gymboree provides development opportunities through structured lessons that are both fun and engaging. By offering a range of activities, including music, art, and physical activities, they cater to the developmental needs of various age groups.

Impact on Child Development

Gymboree’s programs have proven to benefit children’s development immensely. Through music activities, children gain a sense of rhythm and develop a love for music. With art, they explore creativity while physical activities improve their motor skills.

Variety of Programs

Each Gymboree program focuses on a different aspect of development. The ‘Play & Learn’ program enhances problem-solving abilities and sensory development, while ‘Music’ classes develop a love for melodies. ‘Art’ lets children explore creativity through different mediums and techniques.


Gymboree plays a significant role in nurturing a love for learning and discovery in children. Through comprehensive, age-appropriate activities, it paves the way for an all-rounded development, playing a vital role in child development in London.


Q: What age groups does Gymboree cater to?

A: Gymboree offers programs for children aged five and under.

Q: What kind of activities does Gymboree offer?

A: Gymboree offers a range of activities including music, art, and physical activities.

Q: How does Gymboree contribute to child development?

A: Gymboree promotes cognitive, physical and social development through play-based activities.



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