As parents, it is our primary responsibility to ensure that our children grow and develop in the healthiest way possible. Surprisingly, this development is more than just physical; it encompasses the child’s mental, emotional, and social growth. One of the pillars contributing to this wholesome development is the role of early childhood education and play centers, one of which in New York is Gymboree.

Gymboree: More Than Just a Play Center

Gymboree has been an instrumental aspect of child development in New York since it started operations more than 40 years ago. It offers music, play, and art classes for newborns up to five-year-olds, giving children the opportunity to explore their creativity while learning and developing new skills.

The Holistic Approach

Gymboree’s programs don’t just focus on one aspect of a child’s development. They offer a holistic approach, which means they tackle intellectual, physical, emotional, and social skills. Gymboree’s unique approach makes use of play-based techniques that are facilitated by educational professionals.

The Gymboree Impact: Fostering Development Through Play

Play might seem like just fun for kids, but it’s a vital part of their development. Gymboree recognizes this and integrates it into their programs. Through play, children can learn essential skills such as problem-solving, creativity, self-expression, and communication.


It is evident that engaging children in a stimulating environment like Gymboree aids them in their overall development. The Gymboree programs not only provide kids with a fun-filled experience but also foster learning and skill development—which are crucial in their formative years.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What age groups does Gymboree cater for?

Gymboree offers classes for children from newborns up to five years old.

How does Gymboree aid in child development?

Gymboree aids in child development through various play, music, and art activities that foster creativity, problem-solving skills, communication, and social skills.

What is the approach of Gymboree’s programs?

Gymboree uses a holistic approach in their programs, targeting intellectual, physical, emotional, and social skills through play-based techniques.



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