Founded in 2012, Gymshark initially blossomed in the home of Ben Francis, its creator. With humble beginnings of screen printing in a garage in the UK, Gymshark has evolved into a fitness apparel and accessories brand, manufacturer and online retailer, now one of the most popular in the fitness industry. Its ascension was not traditional—rather, it was primarily powered by savvy and innovative uses of social media.

The Power of Social Media

Gymshark’s rise can largely be attributed to its successful utilization of social media platforms. Gymshark didn’t just use social media as a marketing tool; it structured its entire business model around it. Each post, like, and share was leveraged to increase brand awareness, boost customer interaction, and build a community. Gymshark capitalized on the continued the growth of fitness influencers, investing heavily in athlete sponsorships and creating a community of brand ambassadors. Each partnership further amplified Gymshark’s reach.


Gymshark’s approach to community-building is arguably one of the biggest factors contributing to their success. The brand has succeeded in captivating the hearts, minds, and loyalty of their customers. Gymshark fostered a sense of belonging by applying similar strategies across their social media platforms, posting motivational quotes, customer testimonials, fitness tips, and more. Gymshark’s followers feel as though they are part of a community—a family—which has transformed them into natural advocates for the brand.

Expanding to The US

Following its massive success in the UK, Gymshark dared to cross the pond—expanding its business to the United States. Three shops have been established in Los Angeles, New York City, and San Francisco. By leveraging prolific fitness influencers in these strategic locations, Gymshark has successfully infiltrated the US market.


Gymshark is a clear example of how a small startup can leverage the power of social media to become a global powerhouse. The brand’s rise is a testament to the immense power of online communities. Harnessing the potential of social platforms and building a genuine connection with a targeted audience can result in exceptional growth. Gymshark’s triumph is an inspiration for all brands, small or large, showcasing the unprecedented reach and influence social media can offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Gymshark?
Gymshark is a fitness apparel and accessories brand based in the UK, with expansion into the US.

How did Gymshark become successful?
Gymshark used social media and influencer marketing to build brand identity and connect with its target audience.

How did Gymshark use social media?
Gymshark strategically used social media platforms to bolster brand awareness, foster customer relations, and build a community around fitness and lifestyle.

Where are Gymshark’s US branches located?
Gymshark has stores situated in Los Angeles, New York City, and San Francisco.



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