The Beginnings of Gymshark

Founded in 2012 by teenager Ben Francis from his parent’s garage, British fitness apparel and accessories brand Gymshark has become a global phenomenon thanks to its winning strategy on social media. Dominating the fitness industry, breaking sales records, and cultivating a highly engaged audience, Gymshark’s success underlines the tremendous potential of smart digital and social media marketing.

Gymshark’s Social Media Strategies

Gymshark started their social media marketing by utilizing influential fitness enthusiasts to promote their products via Instagram and YouTube. The UK-based company identified social media as a powerful tool to create an emotional connection with their target audience and quickly joined the influencer marketing movement. This move made Gymshark’s products visible to an expansive audience who trust the endorsement of their favorite fitness personalities. The influencers wore the products and posted workout videos, which provided additional exposure.

Gymshark’s US Expansion

Following their success in the UK, Gymshark recognized the potential for international growth and expanded to the US. It was an immediate hit, with their US branch having over two million followers on Facebook alone. Prioritizing social media again, Gymshark’s US team maintained a laser focus on interactive and engaging content, often partnering with local fitness influencers.


The success story of Gymshark serves as a clear example of the power of social media marketing and its vital role in shaping consumer behavior. The brand strategically utilized its online presence to understand, engage and grow its customer base. As a case study, it serves as a lesson for other businesses aiming for global success.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Gymshark’s social media strategy?

Gymshark’s social media strategy involves partnering with fitness influencers creating engaging, authentic content that resonates with their target audience and builds a global community.

How did Gymshark expand to the US?

Leveraging its successful influencer marketing strategy in the UK, Gymshark partnered with popular US fitness personalities to gain visibility and quickly establish a strong presence.



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