Gymboree Play & Music Center is a global leader in early childhood development programs. Designed by experts, the age-appropriate activities help develop the cognitive, physical, and social skills of children as they play.

Classes and Programs at Gymboree

Gymboree offers a wide range of classes to meet every child’s needs. These include Play & Learn, Music, Art, School Skills, Sports, and Family Fun. Each class is designed to engage kids in age-appropriate activities that also promote development in different areas.

Play & Learn Program

This program is made to boost learning and development through play and fun. It consists of seven developmentally appropriate play classes. Offerings include sensory play, problem-solving, physical development, and school readiness.

Music Program

The Music program lets children explore different musical styles, instruments, and techniques. This enhances their appreciation for music, boosts their creativity, and enhances their developing motor skills & or coordination.

Art Program

The Art program encourages creativity, confidence, and imagination through colorful and fun activities. This program allows children to explore different artistic mediums, textures, and techniques.

Why Choose Gymboree?

Aside from the engaging and developmentally appropriate activities, Gymboree offers a safe and clean environment for kids. Parents love the supportive and positive learning atmosphere, making it a perfect place to socialize and make new friends.


Gymboree Play & Music Center offers a unique approach to early childhood development. It combines learning, fun, and physical activity in a safe, clean environment. This center gives kids a head start in life, equipping them with skills they can use beyond the classroom.


What age group does Gymboree cater to?

Gymboree Play & Music Center caters to children aged 0-5 years.

Does Gymboree offer trial classes?

Yes. Gymboree offers parents the opportunity to try a free class.

Are there any discounts or promotions?

Gymboree occasionally runs promotions. Check their website or contact them directly for current offers.



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