Gymboree is the ultimate play-based learning center for children in the United States, but in Chicago, the interactive, kid-friendly environment has been taken to a new height. Providing a unique three-dimensional learning experience, Gymboree in Chicago empowers kids with hands-on and diverse activities, laying the foundation for a lifelong love of learning.

Why Gymboree in Chicago stands out

Gymboree in Chicago offers numerous programs to help nurture creativity, confidence, and lifelong friendships. By combining arts, science, sports, and technology, Gymboree presents the kids with more than just an exciting playground. It allows them to grow into well-rounded individuals, while parents join the interactive journey, strengthening the bond with their children.

The programs offered at Gymboree Chicago

Gymboree in Chicago offers a wide variety of programs for different age groups. From play & learn programs, music, and arts classes to school readiness classes. Each class is designed to encourage learning and development in an engaging environment, with the guidance of experienced and caring teachers.


Gymboree in Chicago provides a unique interactive learning environment for children and their parents, fostering creativity, confidence, and a deep-seated love for learning. With diverse programs tailored to different age groups, and a dedicated team of trained teachers, Gymboree in Chicago is truly setting a benchmark in childhood education and development.

Frequently Asked Questions

What age groups are catered to at Gymboree Chicago?

All children up to the age of five are welcome at the Gymboree in Chicago for varied and age-appropriate programs.

What are the opening hours of Gymboree in Chicago?

Please visit their official website or call them directly for current schedules and opening hours.

Does Gymboree in Chicago offer drop-in classes?

Yes, Gymboree in Chicago offers drop-in classes subject to availability. It’s still recommended to book your class in advance to guarantee your spot.



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