Play is vital not only for children’s leisure but more importantly, for their intellectual, social, and emotional development. Recognising this, Gymboree London centres dedicate their efforts to create a play paradise that allows children to explore, learn and grow.

Building Strong Foundations Through Play-Based Learning

Gymboree London’s play-based curriculum, thoughtfully designed for different age groups from birth to age 5, goes beyond simple amusement. Through art, music, movement and imaginative plays, children gain an opportunity to fully engage their senses, awaken their curiosity and ignite their love for learning.

The Community at Gymboree London

At Gymboree London, fostering a community where parents, caregivers and children feel welcomed and supported is equally important. Both adults and children can collaborate, share experiences, and foster meaningful connections, creating an enriching experience for every family.

A Peek Inside Gymboree’s Play and Learn Classes

Through structured and open-ended activities in the Play and Learn classes, children directly experience the joy and power of play. Be it through playing games, singing songs or exploring new equipment, each activity is intended to stimulate their creativity, build self-confidence, and develop their motor skills.


By focusing on play, Gymboree London magnifies the importance of those early years and how they shape a person’s learning journey. It provides a safe haven where children can be free to have fun, explore, make mistakes, learn and make unforgettable memories.


What age is suitable for Gymboree classes?

Gymboree offers classes for different age groups, ranging from birth to 5 years old.

What benefits can I expect for my child?

Your child can develop creativity, strengthen motor skills, gain self-confidence, and make new friends. In addition, the classes can foster a love for learning at an early age.

What kind of activities are included in the classes?

The classes include a variety of activities like art, music, movement and imaginative play.



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