Gymboree Chicago adopts a specific approach to early childhood education that centers on fun. It is in this light-hearted atmosphere that children engage in activities that facilitate their growth across various spheres – cognitive, physical, emotional, and social.

Learning through Play Classes

Gymboree has designed classes that encourage children to learn through purposeful play. Each class is an experience for the child. Whether it’s a dance class or an art class, each activity is more than just fun. It is a chance for the child to gain new skills. Every game, exercise, and song at Gymboree has been meticulously created to help your child learn and develop.

Emotions and Social Skills

Understanding emotions and developing social skills is a big part of the Gymboree experience. Participants in the Play & Learn program learn to communicate, share, listen, and develop other important social skills.

Parental Involvement

Parental involvement is another distinctive element of the Gymboree Chicago approach. The classes are designed to foster bonding between parents and children during early learning. Parents get the opportunity to observe their child’s development while participating with them in the play activities.


The Gymboree Chicago system of early childhood education stands out due to its unique approach. It merges child development and psychology with fun-filled activities. The Gymboree system not only offers a structured yet fun way of learning for children, but it also provides parents the chance to experience the fun and growth with their children.

Frequently Asked Questions

What age groups does Gymboree Chicago cater to?

Gymboree Chicago caters to children from infancy to 5 years of age.

What types of activities are there at Gymboree Chicago?

There are many activities ranging from play & learn, music, art, school readiness, and open gym.

Are parents allowed to attend classes with their child?

Yes, parental participation is encouraged. Parents can join in the fun and engage in activities that facilitate bonding with their child.



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