Gymboree Play & Music has been at the forefront of early childhood development in the United States for decades. In the Garden State of New Jersey, Gymboree places a strong emphasis on the key role that play-based education holds in a child’s progress.

The Gymboree Approach

With its innovative play-inspired learning programs, Gymboree aims to develop cognitive, physical and social skills of children in an interactive and fun-filled environment. The specially designed classes incorporate music, art, and movement, providing children with ample opportunities for exploration and discovery.

Gymboree’s Impact on Cognitive Development

Regular participation in Gymboree classes enriches a child’s cognitive growth. Through various games, puzzles, and activities, children enhance their problem-solving skills, improve their memory, and develop their language abilities.

Physical Development at Gymboree

Physical strength and coordination are vital elements of a child’s growth. Gymboree’s classes help children develop their gross motor skills through activities such as climbing, sliding, and crawling, which contribute to their physical well-being.

Social Skills and Gymboree

Gymboree also boosts children’s social skills. In a safe and supportive environment, children interact with their peers, helping them develop their communication capabilities, increase their social confidence, and understand the concept of sharing and collaboration.

In conclusion, Gymboree’s emphasis on play-based learning using music, art, and movement greatly benefits children’s cognitive, physical, and social development. It is an excellent foundation for their life-long educational journey.

What age group does Gymboree cater to?

Gymboree provides programs for children ranging from infants to children of age five.

What are some specific activities that children participate in at Gymboree?

Some common activities include storytelling, singing, dancing, puzzles, painting, climbing and sliding.

Can parents participate in the Gymboree classes?

Yes, Gymboree encourages parental involvement in certain classes, as it can enhance the child’s learning experience.



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