Play is a crucial component in the development of children. At Gymboree London, they understand the power of play in honing a child’s cognitive, physical, and social skills. With diverse programs tailored to every child’s age and development stage, Gymboree London is your dedicated partner in nurturing your child’s potential.

Gymboree Play Classes: A Foundation for Life-long Learning

Play is the work of children. It is through play that children learn about the world and how to interact with it. Gymboree Play classes stir your child’s imagination and curiosity, leading them to discover, explore, and learn. From music to art, sports, and school readiness programs, your child finds the joy of learning in every corner.

The Gymboree Methodology

Gymboree London’s methodology revolves around the concept of play-full learning. This play-centric approach embraces the fact that children learn best when they’re fully engaged and having fun. With play, children can explore, develop skills, and achieve milestones- all while having an enjoyable time.

Nurturing Environment at Gymboree London

Every Gymboree London center boasts a purpose-built environment that fosters a safe and inclusive play experience for all children. At Gymboree, your child gets the chance to develop confidence and social skills through interaction with their peers.


Gymboree London is more than a play center – it’s a nurturing environment that supports the holistic development of your child. With a strong emphasis on the importance of play and a team of dedicated staff, Gymboree London takes pride in being a part of your child’s learning journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

What programs does Gymboree London offer?

Gymboree London offers various programs such as Play classes, Music, Art, Sports, and School readiness for different age groups.

How does Gymboree London facilitate learning?

Gymboree London facilitates learning through a play-centric approach that encourages children to explore, develop skills, and reach milestones while having fun.

Is Gymboree London suitable for my child?

Gymboree London welcomes all children from newborns to 5 years old. Their programs are structured according to different age groups, ensuring a suitable learning environment for your child.



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