Gymboree’s newborn clothing line stands out in the industry due to their commitment to quality, comfort, and style. For parents who are looking for the best for their little ones, Gymboree offers an extensive collection of clothing items that celebrates the joy and whimsy of infancy.

Unmatched Quality and Safety

All Gymboree products meet rigorous safety standards, ensuring that parents can trust the clothes they’re putting on their newborn. Gymboree’s rompers, one-pieces, and clothing sets are made from high-quality, soft materials that are gentle against a newborn’s sensitive skin. Seams and edges are carefully stitched to prevent discomfort and chafing, highlighting Gymboree’s commitment to quality.

Elegant Style and Variety

Style is another area where Gymboree shines. They offer a wide array of clothing styles, patterns, and design. From adorable graphic tees and elegant formal wear to comfort-focused pajamas and cute outfits for playtime, Gymboree’s collection has something for every occasion. Parents love being able to express their child’s personality and style through Gymboree’s extensive offerings.

Exceptional Customer Service

Hassle-free shopping experience is what Gymboree offers to all its customers. With numerous branches across the United States, accessibility and convenience are assured. Gymboree’s dedicated customer service team is always ready and willing to assist with any queries and concerns, making shopping seamless and enjoyable.


As reflected in their high-quality, stylish, and safe newborn clothing collections, Gymboree’s commitment to celebrating infancy and childhood is unquestionable. By ensuring that all their products meet rigorous safety standards, Gymboree is winning the hearts of parents across the nation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What sizes are available for Gymboree newborn clothes?

Gymboree offers newborn clothes from size 0-3 months up to 24 months, covering all stages of early infancy. They also provide a convenient size chart on their website for easy reference.

Are Gymboree newborn clothes machine washable?

Yes, most Gymboree newborn clothes are machine washable. Be sure to check the care instructions on individual items though, as some may require special laundry care.



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