Fitness Focus at Gymboree

As obesity levels among children continue to rise, it’s become clear that fitness isn’t just important for adults. Kids need physical activity just as much, if not more. That’s where Gymboree London comes in – it’s a place dedicated to combining fun with fitness for children.

Customizable Programs

Gymboree offers an array of programs that cater to different age groups. Each program is designed to promote not just physical development, but also cognitive and social skills. Parents can choose a program that best suits their child’s needs. From play and learn sessions, art classes, to music classes – there is a lot to choose from.

Safe and Fun Environment

Gymboree has established itself as a trusted name in children’s fitness because of its firm commitment to providing a safe and fun environment. Every piece of equipment is designed to be safe for kids and promote active learning.

Engaged and Skilled Staff

The staff at Gymboree are not just fitness trainers; they are trained child development professionals, equipped with the knowledge and skills to stimulate your child’s growth while ensuring they have a good time.


All in all, Gymboree London has everything parents could want in a kids’ fitness center. It provides a unique environment where kids can grow and learn while having fun. Whether it’s the fitness-focused programs that encourage active play or a skilled staff committed to child safety, Gymboree ticks all the boxes. For these reasons, Gymboree London is a top choice for kids’ fitness.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can parents join their kids during the programs?

Yes, Gymboree encourages parent participation in their younger age programs. It is a great way to strengthen the bond between parent and child.

Are there trial classes?

Yes, Gymboree offers a free trial class for first-timers. It helps parents and kids understand what they can expect from the program.

Are the staff certified?

All staff at Gymboree are child development professionals and have received training and certification in their respective fields.



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