As parents, keeping children active while instilling a love for fitness is crucial. But how can you incorporate this mindset into a gym environment in a fun and safe manner? Below are ten exercises that can turn gym-time into fun-time for kids.

Circuit Training for Beginners

Introducing a simple circuit can be an effective way to keep children engaged as they hop between different stations which can include jumping jacks, push-ups, and frog hops, among others. Utilizing this method ensures the children can frequently switch-up their activities, keeping monotony at bay.

Yoga for Kids

Yoga is a fantastic way to promote flexibility, balance, and strength. Introduce simple poses such as ‘tree’ for balance, ‘downward dog’ for strength and ‘cobra’ for flexibility. Accessible and fun, yoga can be a valuable addition to a child’s gym routine.

Treadmill Routines

Safety is paramount with treadmills, so ensure your child is of an appropriate age and size before beginning. Start with a light jog or brisk walk. As they gain confidence and fitness levels, increase the pace and incline gradually.

Utilising Dumbbells

Children can safely use light dumbbells to improve strength. Teach them to do small sets of exercises that focus on the major muscle groups such as biceps curls, tricep extensions, and shoulder presses.

all Fitness

Under supervision, children can participate in a fun, yet challenging, medicine ball workout. This might include medicine ball lunges, overhead throws, or squat press and throws. These exercises can help improve many fitness components, including power, coordination, and strength.


Finding kid-friendly exercises that are effective yet engaging can be a challenge. The exercises listed above are designed to make working out fun for children, promoting a healthy relationship with fitness that can last a lifetime.

Frequently Asked Questions

What age is appropriate for kids to start going to the gym?

Most fitness experts suggest that kids 7 to 12 years old should focus on child-centered physical activities like playing a sport. From 13 and up, kids can start to incorporate more traditional workouts.

What types of workouts are harmful to kids?

Any exercise that involves heavy weight lifting should be avoided to protect their growing bodies. Additionally, exercises that require advanced balance and coordination skills may also present risks.



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