Safety Comes First: Hygiene Measures in Play

The pandemic has led to many changes in society—of these, a significant one is the way London’s gyms operate. Vowing to ensure safety, these establishments are now strictly adhering to government guidelines and have implemented sweeping new hygiene and safety protocols. Frequent sanitation, providing hand sanitizers at multiple points, employing air purifiers, and carrying out regular deep-cleaning exercises are now part of the landscape. Moreover, signs reminding members to wipe down equipment after use are now commonplace.

Social Distancing Measures

Social distancing now extends from public transport and restaurants to gyms. London’s gyms have spaced out their equipment and marked the floor to ensure everyone maintains the required distance. Some are operating at a reduced capacity or offering sessions at different times to ensure crowds are spread out. Additionally, certain gyms have taken to organising outdoor training sessions for their members, where it’s easier to adhere to social distancing rules.

Going Digital

Another noteworthy pivot has been the use of digital tools. Online booking systems and apps are now used to manage footfall and enable contactless check-ins. Virtual classes have seen a surge in popularity, with people preferring to exercise from the safety of their homes. This trend is likely to continue even as restrictions ease, with gyms now hosting hybrid models of in-person and online classes.

Staff Training

In addition to the changes made for their customers, gyms have upskilled their staff to ensure safety during this new fitness era. Staff are now trained in the necessary sanitisation procedures and managing safe social distancing amongst gym members.


The safety measures implemented by London’s gyms during the pandemic have not only ensured safety but also helped clients maintain their fitness routine with minimal disruption. It’s essential during these trying times to remember that our health is a priority, and the fitness industry is playing its part in ensuring that.


  1. Are all London gyms implementing these safety measures?

    While the extent of measures implemented may vary, all gyms are obligated to follow the rules set out by local health authorities.

  2. Is it still safe to go to the gym?

    With the safety steps in place, gyms are making every effort to be as safe as possible, but individual comfort levels will vary.

  3. What should I do to protect myself when I’m at the gym?

    Follow the gym’s guidelines, maintain social distance, sanitise regularly, and wipe down equipment after use.

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