For those looking for an unconventional workout, London’s burgeoning circus training gyms offer a unique and exhilarating alternative to the standard gym. With courses ranging from aerial hoop, trapeze, and silks, to contortion and strength training, these gyms are revolutionizing the fitness scene.

Adapting Circus Skills for Fitness

These gyms apply tricks and techniques typically used in circus performances to fitness routines, offering a complete body workout that also improves flexibility, balance, and coordination. The workouts are so engaging and enjoyable that you might forget that you’re even exercising.

Exploring London’s Circus Training Gyms

Among the numerous circus training gyms that have sprung up in London, three stand out not just for their innovative programs, but also for their welcoming and inclusive atmospheres.

AirCraft Circus Academy

Located in the heart of Greenwich, the AirCraft Circus Academy offers courses for all skill levels, from beginner to professional. Their comprehensive program ensures that each student gets an intensive workout while learning new and exciting circus skills.


Known for its specialized aerial hoop and trapeze classes, CirqueScape in Surrey makes circus fitness accessible to all by offering a varied selection of classes catering to different age groups and fitness levels.

National Centre for Circus Arts

This esteemed institution not only offers high-standard circus training for professionals but also provides recreational circus fitness classes. Their classes incorporate acrobatics, aerial work, and juggling, promising a dynamic and fun experience with every session.


Circus training gyms deliver a fresh and compelling approach to fitness. By combining the rigor of a gym workout with the thrill and creativity of circus arts, these establishments are reshaping the way we think about exercise. The next time you’re in London, why not give one of these unconventional workouts a try?


Do I need prior circus skills to join a class?

No, most circus training gyms offer beginner-friendly classes where you’ll learn the basics.

Is circus training fitness safe?

Yes, safety is a crucial aspect of every circus training gym. All activities are supervised by trained professionals.

Can kids join circus training gyms?

Yes, many gyms offer classes specially designed for kids, making it a fun and engaging activity for the whole family.

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